Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Divine Enigma

Its all when the shimmering light of the sun,
penetrate through your casement,
You feel like the new life is knocking your spirit's door.....

The shining of the pearly dews on the lawn,
the voyage of the vagabond clouds in the firmament,
arouses the zeal of effervescence to live more.....

The affection from the cared ones ,
the blessings that prevents from the evils ,
the mind soothing hymns and the jingling of the bells.....

The will for rejuvenating the withered spirit,
the respects for the divinity that kneels,
the high tides of life and a gentle sail.....

Everything are beyond our sight and thought,
Science? vs Divinity! the chasm in between the dilemma,
The conspired science and the divine enigma.....