Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To the shadow!

The shadow that I see
Behind the sun,
Stares defiantly at me!
I killed the one
That veiled my soul
And I stand…
Shadow free!

They have this right
To glare these eyes,
To this shadow of the sun!
I shout!
For, they define
What being the Sun
Is all about!

I remember,
In that darkness
I observed,
My shadow scaring me
And I fought…
Fought till the light in me
Conquered this fright
And my shadow died!

I paid no condolences,
And no mournful thoughts,
For they once defined me too!
With no sympathy for myself,
And the darkness, I was in!
The ashes, I threw!
To the burning light,
For, my shadow died…

I say, of no regret…
I did no wrong to me,
But, yes! to my shadow,
“Your company,
Disheartened the light in me,
With no option left,
I betrayed you and let you go!
Yes, I killed you”
I will never apologize though!

I refuse to say sorry!

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"
I hate darkness, so I killed my shadow!
19th Feb, 2014

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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Weird Dreams...

I see the rainbow, before it rains...
And feel the droplets, before they fall...
I count the stars, which I can't see...
At home, I bring them all...

I pluck the fragrance, no flower can have
And feel the breeze, before it blows
I chase the fireflies in a dark
Whoa! And I align them in a row…

I ride on the clouds, that monsoon brings
And steal all the silver lines
I paint the sky –pink
At home, I bring their shine

I climb the mountain, upside down
And crawl inside the sea
The best music that nature can play,
My feet dance yon the lea…

I walk over the river, turbulent and wild
And swim through the lush canopy
I befriend all the terrifying beasts,
And bring in them, the intangible beauty…

I shout and jump, of elation, Yeah!
For I can do, now, what I thought I can’t!
To add this smile on the sunless face…
And this rhythm to unvoiced chant! 

No grieves to worry about, 
How happy the world seems…
I would have loved to be in,
Only if they were not the weird dreams!

(c) Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"
7:45 pm, 17th Feb, 2014
IISc, India
Photo credits:
2. http://gypsymother.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/type_of_dreams-painting.41183307_std.jpeg