Monday, May 23, 2011

ABC..'s of Life

As a child,

Slept on mom’s lap

Babbled whatever I wished to

Learned the fundamentals

ABCs of Life…!!!

But now,

A race for the “Change”…

If I rest my “Big head”

On mom’s lap

I am Childish still!


If I babble,

I am an odd man out!

ABCs, hence, transfigured:

A – Is no more apples, but the ANTAGONISTS!

B- Never rolls as a Ball, but ditches me as the BETRAY!

C- Seldom catches a mouse, initiates the fierce COMPETITIONS!

D- Doubts the freedom and people-excluded DEMOCRACY!

E- Not as heavy as an Elephant but hurts as an EXPECTATION!

F- Swims as the Fishes, boggles us with FORGIVE? Or FORGET?

G- Are still as sour as they were, GREED of “grapes”!

H-Has forgotten to tolt its hoofs, begins “HYPOCRICY”!

I- Has started melting vigorously, hence I-SCREAM!

J- Joking apart, JUXTAPOSES white and black!

K-Can’t rule the world, a fake kingship to KEEP!

L-Roars in the history, today, an age of materials that LURES!

M-jumps from pockets to pockets, monkey-mind-man-MATERIALISM!

N-Shelters the nestlings, who feeds on NARCOTICS!

O-As an Owl shuns the day light, evils shun OBAMA!

P- Nothing stand as green as a Parrot, but seems PALE everywhere!

Q-Picks up and throw down the gauntlet between QURAN and Bible!

R-Small & Big, White & Black and Poor & Rich…begins the RACE!

S-Death of Morality, the snaky venom, a SERPENT of worldly pleasures!

T-No tiger burns bright in the jungle…vanished due to TURMOILS & TORTURES!

U-Under the worn-out Umbrella of air, rest the whole world- UNVEIL!

V-Our ears seldom hears the Violin, We are done with-VIOLENCE!

W-Time was assassinated in our Watches, and welcomed WAR!

X- No pines are left for X-mas’s trees, bombastically; we display the X-FACTOR!

Y- All the rewards are mine and the mistakes are YOUR’S!

Z-Unbiased was the stripes of Zebra- but here we end up with our ends at Z!

Hence, I learnt

ABC..'s of life [ A Bitter Chasm- that can never be filled]

Fantasized by

-Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"

1:15 am, Tuesday,

24th May,2011

Place- The Wilder Maze

Could hear no breaths around...