Saturday, September 1, 2012


At the center
Enclosed in a circle of
Thousand- heads,
To whom I explained-
What emptiness feels like?
Everybody seemed
Less bothered…
As their eyes,
As I observed,
Were rolling over…

Tearing up the crowds-
Came in a valiant man
Unlike others,
Curiosity twinkled
In his eyes,
He requested me to define
The blank-
The space-
The emptiness…

I first grinned,
At him
Took a brush
And a canvas
Drew the line
A portrait of man-
 With no nose,
 To breathe in
 With no lips,
 To smile at
 With no eyes,
To wander in

I thought
I was delighted-
For me
That was emptiness!
And I turned around-
                            To show…
                            To show to that gentleman
                            What space meant to me-
                            When you are
                            Just an outline
                            With a blank-space
                            Within yourself!
And when I turned around
I saw no valiant man!
He was nowhere!
He was no-one!
And I came to know
He himself was
A space-
An empty thought!

-Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"
IISc-India-9-1-2012-Time: 4:35 pm
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