Tuesday, April 19, 2016

To the land where no drops fall!

“A drop- 
Falls from the distant blue-
Whirling and twirling-
Hits that window-pane…
And another follows- its rule-
And hits again that window-pane,
And finally, many of them fall-
Like the tap-dancers in the rhythm tap!
And washes the blemish in that window-pane!
She observes the drops sliding down the glass!

Holding that china-cup-
And freshly brewed coffee in it!
She blushes-
After smelling the wild fragrance of the mud!
As many of those droplets
Hit that window pane…
That window pane made up-
Of the crystals- so brilliant and precious…
After all- 
It is this first rain-
That visited her mansion!
She, again, fell in love!
With those clouds…
Deadly and dark!

Once they shall fly-
Fly as far and as high-
Beyond the walls of her mansion,
And across this city of price-tags!
Following the road of shimmering lights,
That shall-
Reach far beyond the comfort,
They shall meet
This land-
Of the tiny huts and hamlets.
The harshness peeps in through-
The roofs that used to leak-
The charred land-
Where once…
The gush of winds played…
With the verdant contentment!
Lies dead and dried!
Their parched lips and throats!
And hearts-
Cannot barely blush under the blazing heat!
No drops fall here-
And hit the window pane!
The ragged curtains convey the dust-
And only dust!
When the dried hot wind traverses…
Through them…!

When those clouds shall reach here!
I fear-
If these hamlets will have the souls in it!
Buried in the hunger and thirsts,
Their existence will be forever concealed!

She still enjoys the rain!
A drop!
Stumbling down from the petal-
In her posh backyard…
Awaits for her love to come home!
There are few who ended up their lives-
With a promise to never return!
To the land where no drops fall!

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"