Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I traversed the sky-
Where this sun was still asleep!
For there exists some lines-
Never meant to be crossed!
As life keeps on adding chapters,
After chapters…
The old ones-
That you have treasured!
Learn to live this moment-
You are in!

I passed by the street-
Where the heads of lamps lowered down!
It's diffuseness-
Glaring my eyes!
And I saw the crowds of dreams-
Some sighs no hope-shattered and bereaved!
On this walking trail!
While others smiling and passing by-
And this success chasing them…
A shadow of course!
I realized-
I am a mere dream!
Of no sleeps and no nights!
That hunts my heart!
With a few lessons to learn
And rest buried as the memories…
You are a dream that you dreamt of!
My folks-
Learn to live this moment-
You are in!

It’s a meager play of illusions-
You may get deluded!
Even if the clouds that promise
You, of rains and showers….
And leaves you dried and withered!
Even if the dishonesty that mockingly smiles
At the truth that you’ve slaughtered…
And assures you the trust that never existed!
Even if the love you gave to the one…
The one, the life can be!
And that one shall never return!
To your dreary heart…
And yes,
Even if the promises that silently dissolves,
In that phony smile...
And you are deluded!
Yes, a meager play of illusions-
Life is all about!
Learn to live this moment-
You are in!

- Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"