Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Canvas

I picked up

"The brush"

To paint the life

Unlike you,

I thought to coat

Blue-for the tears

Red-for the pains

Black-for the fear

White-for the rains

Glittering days

Gloomy nights

Fading Prays

Ruthless fights

Astounded again

Felt the discomfort


In the tapestry of threads!

Floating in the colors

I saw

Sky that roars

Drizzles often!


The ripples of thoughts


Drifted- I was,

To the shore

The bogus grasses-fake green

Of hallucination!

I yelled!

“Don’t tell me

Roses are Red

White calms the peace

Black is the devil!”

Perplexed- I was,

What I perceive is

that what I see

Red for you, is

Black for me!

The canvas-hence

remained ‘Untouched’!

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"


Sunday 8:45 pm

The canvas-my mind

Dedicated to my agony...

1 comment:

  1. "The canvas-hence

    remained ‘Untouched’!"
    BEST LINES ....
    revolutionary thoughts ;)