Monday, September 2, 2013

Two cents worth!

Don’t judge him, my folk,
And don’t judge her either,
For you, yourself, don’t know…
Who actually you are!

You are not that name, that holds this worth,
And not your fame, so prized,
For what you own today, won’t define you,
But they shall part you far!

You are not that skin, which shines so bright
And not your talk, so divine,
For your words, may linger in every tongue
May not remain the same, ever!

You are not that possession, which dazzles you
And you dazzle this world in return,
For you must understand now,
Under this sun, every thought is clever!

You are not that pride, which boasts of your intellect, 
And still this world shall praise thee,
For what you know today,
Shall be the layman’s tomorrow!

Beware my folk! 
This unvarnished truth shall delude you
And what you have, won’t stay with you
For nothing is imperishable here,
Illusion so fathomless, Life’s hollow!

Open that cage and set your arrogance free,
And wash off your futile vanity
For you, yourself, shall decay someday,
And your name shall die!

Let your deeds define you,
And your magnanimity,
For you shall one day…
Be that cloud of this sky!

Your deeds should blossom,
And to the purest form of all,
For they shall radiate the redolence,
After you vanish, the world shall cry!

Let your wings feel this virtue,
And your soul shall feel this light
For now, you will break that chain
And shall aspire high…

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"
1:00pm, 2nd Sept. 2013, CES,
To my soul, that boast of unworthiness!