Sunday, October 20, 2013

She is a dreamer now!

She hated that darkness, for that broke her heart. 
That nostalgia diluted her. 
She got lost in the crowds of unseen upshots. 
Worn out! 
For she hated that darkness! 
She wished to be a firefly! 
But these days, she seems to enjoy the deadly darkness where even the stars go blind, I heard, she is a dreamer now

She hates the light instead, for that breaks her dream. 
That nostalgia keeps her alive! 
Reality has always deceived her. 
And see, she deceived it in return. 
She is not amongst the swarm of fireflies, anymore. 
If she acts idealistic, remember, 
Stay the way you are- Improbable! 
For she is a dreamer now

Strangled fate can be changed, I heard, she has brought out the life that filthy fate might have engulfed. 
She conquers that pain, for which people bellowed she shall break! 
Vulnerable, she was never. 
It was just a situation that went vulnerable. 
For she is a dreamer now

For she has defeated the fear! 
Why are you still trying to scare her! 
Her emotions were fragile. 
And see, she won’t share it with you, any more. 
And they shall bury down in her bones… 
Even her bones shall not crack! 
Why shall her emotions? 
You are thinking a lot, for you thought she’ll kneel before you, why shall her heels touch that grubby ground when she seems to enjoy the deadly darkness! 

She always wanted to write a happy story. 
She never blamed you, for she knew that it was ‘this’ rain, that washed off the word- happy! 
She is alive in her dream, please don’t wake her up!

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"
A prose: I too dream, probably I am the one!
10/20/2013- 6:30 pm, Sunday,

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