Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Amidst this pensiveness!


When her night’s wide awake…
Whilst her day prepares for it best-
She leans against…
This iron fence-
And beholds the sky-
That always galvanized her-
And her lost soul!

She glances the moon-
An exact half-
She wonders less-
When the entire world is admiring-
The beauty of this brilliance….
She wonders about-
The other half!
A concealed reality…
(She sighs)

Yes, these stars-
Their faintly twinkles…
Impalpable truth!
The thin mist veils these tiny distractions!
Beckoning the illusions!

She turns away-
Her once-glorious eyes…
Dim and dull, now…
Silently rummages for the veracity-
Bitter, though!
On this earth-
She beholds here-
Under the glare of that street light-
A pack of barking souls!
Sniffing each other-
Growling at some…
Unlike her, she ponders-
They seldom wagged-
Their tails!
For the piece of happiness-
Hurled at them!

This thought of begging-
Begging for the bliss-
From the bogus beggar-
Who fakes contentment!
Yes, this thought-
Torments her inner self!
The parade of tears-
Valiantly marches down…
Hailing for the remorse-
Within her-
They march-
On her charred skin...

She rushes into the room-
A room of four walls and no air!
Banging the toughest door of fear!
Through the planks-
Sneaks in that silence-
Escorted by this midnight gush of wind…

She lays down-
Her eyes-
At the ceilings of swarming thoughts…
In search of the-road-less-traveled-by!
She lost the one!
She was in!

Within herself!

Amidst this deserted night!
When the world is snoring-
Their suffocating dreams!
She finds her poetry-
Caressing her soul-
With the lullabies hidden…
Under that pillow-
She pulls one-
Wrecks them into fragments…
And heaves it into the trash!
She fears no loss-
For the one that she feared for!
Is now buried under the past!

A phantom of thoughts-
Will haunt again-
Her eyes partly close-
Yet her night’s wide awake…
Whilst her day still prepares for it best!

(c) Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"


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