Sunday, February 14, 2016

She is real...

The white curtains with feather-prints on them flutter like a dove, a symbol of freedom, as this morning breeze gently traversed through them. The rain has stopped by now. Another dawn of contentment filled with splendour. The aroma of dampened soil makes the air- worth breathing. In the northern corner of this wonderful small house- sleeps a princess. A princess of many worth.  As always- she got up when that first beam of the sun hit that windowpane in her backyard. The backyard- where lies a row of bud vases with stunning flowers in them. She softly keeps her blanket aside. Her lovely hair meanders over her shoulder; the perfect tributaries over her mesmerizing dark-dusky skin as cavernous as the soil of this earth. Those feel of being a mother earth. She tenderly gathers them together. And stretches her arms up, along with her arms- stretches her most gorgeous lips and brings in that most beautiful smile. Her morning is here! She is not a woman of a fair-skinned. Neither a woman who love physical dimensions of bodily beauty. She is- who she is. She is a woman who loves herself. And, loves what she does. She looked like a Goddess again, that confidence in her eyes, as she enters to dress-up after the shower. She wraps herself in a deep blue sari and brushes her cascading hair. A tiny blue bindi between her two brows symbolized her beauty. A perfect lady. She walks tall against what people say- odds and adversities. She is a woman. A woman with a heart. A heart that serves other women like her in maternity wards. She is a nurse.  Many women run behind the wagons of cosmetics to look good, to feel dazzling and beautiful. But to her- beauty walks along, like her shadow!  In the race of being beautiful- we forget that the beauty lies in us and in what we do. She is one amongst them who is not lost on her way. She is beautiful, she is perfect and she is real!

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