Monday, August 23, 2010

The photographic Sonnet


And you can behold the thousand of paused moments,
Some smiles-tears-yells-runs-dances-jumps-stretches-bents....

"Stopped watch"-charm-that the whirling world-goes "Click" and "Stop"
From those flapping wings-meandering brooks-thundering bolts- the magic pop!

Bouncing kids-Napping cats- toppling leaves-rustling winds-hosted flags,
those Catwalks-drenched feet-costly aprons-dandy damsels or the old rags !

Paused are,those cool breeze that twist those lilacs and make them shy,
the stretched lips- the 'hitched wagons' to those sky!

Sun rise-Sunset-New moon-stars and the deep blue,
The shower-the oozing-the lonesome road-me and you!

Bergs of Greenland-lakes of Ladhakh- the Majestic Landscape
Flawless beauty of Nepal-Your home-the mesmerizing shape!

From the unnoticed charisma to the paparazzi....

This is how ends the sonnet of photography....

" CHEEEEEESEEE :):):):) Again"

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