Thursday, August 4, 2011

Green-My Sky

I argue...

What you’ve -doesn’t belong to me!

So why should “I” lie under your

Dry-Indistinct-hazy Canopy…?

Unlike yours,

Green is my sky and blue- my ground

Here bud the Stars that blossom

The swifts- the flaps –The Flail Sound

Twinkles, here the flowers

Unlike yours,

They fill in the abyss

The gentle breeze can swing

That- drops the happiness-as the oozing

“Gentle-Green-Glare” anonymity…

Unlike yours,

I can pluck the gorgeousness

And feel its fragrances

It’s the limit for some


I can go swinging around…

The unruffled shed

For me

My “Sky”…

That roots in the magnificent Earth



And Green!

I have no big promises like yours!

To climb the ladder and pull down the veil

Bring the stars!

Adorn the Laurels!

But yeah,

I am amused by

Flowers that shines!

Dews on the stars,

The fluttering fin


For me, my sky is always “Green”

-By Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel “Hridayaninadini”

Under the Green Sky and the wild lilacs all


4th August,2011, Thursday- IISc


To the Verdent-moss-quiet-turf …my head relaxes on!

To the detonators of nature!!!

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