Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why "I" am not, you!


“I” wear “Corso Como”

“I” disliked the color though

And saw your feet

Bruised, were yours!

“I” block the sun-“SPF 45”

Still, “I” got my skin tanned…

And contrasted with your skin

Charred, were yours!

“I” travel the World, around

In a week…

And saw you, tranquil standing

Amidst the crowds and the dust, the ragged Bus-station

“I” Lost my diamond bracelet

And “I” bought the dozens of them

And saw you, still smiling

With tattered-old-the clogged watch around your wrist

But soon “I” realized

You were striking!

The Unblemished beauty!

The Gorgeousness embedded within!

“I” eat in dollars…

“I” am having the charisma…


Still, why “I” am not you?


“You” have the pinkish flimsy feet

That can’t merely reach

The hamlet

Paved with the thorns…

“Your” glowing skins, reflects

That light of elation

Falling on you

While…get absorbs in me…

“You” travelled around, but missed

The love of those, around you

The dust can be dusted –off

But the smiles are in the crowds…

“Your” diamonds are worth-wearing

Beautiful- the pain of miners

Who dug it out- of their life

I prefer the stopped watch

I am

The essence of hamlet

The effervescence of- those who failed

The stand-up when time makes you fall

“Dollars” are Fancy

So is, your charisma-delusion

That’s why I am not “you”!

“I”, “you” and “yours”- The materialism

I, you and yours- The generosity

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel “Hridayaninadini”

1st September, 2011; 1:10 pm, Thursday,

Hoysala-110, IISc

Around me- “the specs, the bag and the dell” "materials

In me- “The boundless Joy”

[Personally, I beg

an apology for using some brand names- I have no any intention of targeting them- the use of them, here in poem; is completely fictional]

[Dedicated-to those who- those who don’t-believe in covetousness]

© 2011 Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"

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