Friday, December 14, 2012


When you are left with no option- You become Friends, the best friends, in fact!

With this stretched lips
I grinned
And shouted ‘hello’
And she replied
“Shut up!”
Cheerless, but yes-
I was left 
With no option

I got mesmerized
By the splendor of that ‘sale’
And rushed into 
That shopping precinct
And was dragged out
-“Dare not fritter away your money!”
My collar in her hand
I had no option!

With that extremism 
Of lassitude- 
Yes, I declared in my empire!
And I valiantly dozed off…
And got kicked down on the floor
“Get up lazy bone; 
You are late for ‘the’ class”
And I had no option!

This December-
When gush of wind
Will whisper (Scream, in fact)
“Catch me, if you can…”
-With this mocking hilarity…
It will be me
And you will have no option!

…When I walk 
This lonesome way
You are always missed
I swear!
Not for those laughter
We jointly glued
On People’s face-
Who avowed that:
“You guys are not funny, at all!”
And they had no options!

For these bags are heavily 
Had you been here, 
You would have 
And I have no option!

You are the one with whom
I fear not,
To speak
About every frightening tales
Of life!
You are my best friend;
Other than this-
I have no option!!!

© 2012 Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"

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