Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It was never
The same blue sky!
And from that distant crowd
The weary wind
Spread the mist of mirth 

Far beyond, beneath 
That tree, stood she
Gazing at those stars
And those voyaging clouds
That wiped the tears 
Of the weeping moon

She thought-
Society will cheer, 
As they always did
They seldom cared
Who they missed!
They won’t 
And will never try 
To befriend your loneliness
They won’t forget
To mourn at your death!

Despite of,

That clapping and tapping noise
That perishable giggles and cries
That glaring glimer of fireworks
She stood silent
Beneath that tree…

A lake ahead

Unruffled and still
She threw that tiny pebble
And it rippled
“Ah!” She sighed
She personified
That lake as a society
And a pebble…!
[…the firecracker blew up]
Her thoughts,
Hence shattered…

The wind hushed-

But her face glowed
With that radiance 
Of flashing firecrackers…
With no smile on her face,
She goes off!

(C)Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"
11:49 am, 12-27-2012-CES-IISc
A ripple of thoughts...

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