Sunday, April 6, 2014

Under the shed of sarcasm: to this hatching egg!

I hold this egg
And I observe…
The white shell of it
Smooth and brittle!
I harked!
A cracking sound from within
Voila, the egg is hatching!

Now I wonder about-
The freedom that shall
Cost it’s freedom!

I wonder:

The world outside, that shell, is a mere blue!

And the people outside are lethal, You have no clue!

But still if it lures you, and if you wish to hatch…

I have this couple of suggestions to you!

Once your wings are out, my feathery folk!

Act smart, walk smart and eat smart…

Even if you do not know how and where that smartness lies in…

For they’re going to judge you, Of course not by your heart!

And yeah, you perch on that money, they made,

And sleep in that bloody bed!

They shall laud you for this, my tiny folk…

In the face of your utter loyalty, they shall split your head!

Dare not to cross that “road”!

And even if you do, never let them know!

For they themselves are fighting over a piece of land!

Flap your wings, dust it off and enjoy the show!

Prove them wrong, for you know, they always are!

You are not that “chicken-hearted”

It’s just that you have that heart of a chicken!

And yeah, they seldom remember what they have said!

And your future, you will never create…

In that meat-cleaver, hides your fate!

But still, when they shall carry you by your wings!

In that gory-slaughter-house, stand brave!


With that chunk of bread, they eat!

Their hunger will suffice by your meat!)

If bygones were the past, live to the fullest!

That future, you will never see!

Should not haunt you, for the world outside is lethal!

Trust me, inside this shell, you are free!

And that little-yellow-folk, 
Pops-out of that egg!
And again, I observe,

Sanjeeta Sharma Pokharel "Hridayaninadini"
6th April, CES, 
A sarcastic poem- to this cruel society! 


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